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Kansas WheatAgriculture

In a state where cattle outnumber people, issues regarding the industry of the family farm deserve a champion in the Kansas House of Representatives. Currently, the family farm is being directly challenged by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When someone mentions “Kansas” what automatically comes to mind?  After the jokes about Dorothy and the tornados, where do your thoughts rest?

For many across the nation, Kansas epitomizes the heartland of America, the breadbasket of the world.  Agriculture and Energy are what we do here.  Bottom line, 98% of the population of Kansas relies directly or indirectly on agriculture.  The agricultural industry is an integral part of not only our economy, but also our culture. Agriculture provides thousands of jobs to our district and provides our country and the world with sustenance.

As the population shift of Kansas continues its march to the eastern part of the state, representation for rural Kansas, for Western Kansas, diminishes.  Rural interests lose to the interests of population centers. Legislators who know very little about life in rural America make far-reaching decisions based on the comforts of city life. They have no tie to the land that provides sustenance and opportunity for the bulk of Kansans.  For them farm life is idyllic, at best, and far beneath them, at its worst.  How can we expect them to represent us well? How can we trust them to understand our problems and concerns when they have had little or no experience living in a rural area?  They don’t understand why we hang on relentlessly to our second amendment rights, they don’t understand why wind and solar energy won’t supply the necessary fuel to work the land, they have difficulty wrapping their minds around water conservation and crop irrigation at the same time, and they don’t understand “dust pollution” or the absence of child labor laws on the family farm.

Growing up on the family farm I learned about the challenges faced by Kansas farmers.  As owner of the family farm, I am faced with these challenges firsthand. As your representative, I will be a champion of agricultural interests in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Protecting Small Business

Small business is the cornerstone of American prosperity.  My husband Carl and I owned and operated Sportsman’s Supply for over twenty years in Hays, and were members of the lo

cal chamber of commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business during that time. We specialized in shooting sports, hunting and fishing, bicycles, and exercise equipment. I understand the challenges and rewards that accompany small business ownership.

I am also a licensed real estate agent in Kansas.  Our laws and regulations must support the American dream of home ownership.  Elimination of the mortgage interest income tax deduction, coupled with a sales tax on home sales, increased property taxes, and increased regulation only result in declining home values, struggling markets, and a withering American Dream.

We must secure an environment conducive to job creation and entrepreneurship, an environment in which our sons and daughters can generate a prosperous future for their families, and a place where home ownership is the rule rather than the exception. The viability of rural America depends on their success.  The independent retailer, hunter, and farmer, are the backbone and the tax base of our rural economy.  In the Kansas House of Representatives, I pledge to work toward a climate where the family business is not a thing of the past, where people with a passion to be their own boss can thrive, where our children can find or create meaningful employment, and where families can experience the joys and security of homeownership.

Oil Well


Energy security is one of the toughest challenges facing America.  With energy prices on the rise for everyone across the nation, our energy strategy must take advantage of proven technologies and sources of energy that are readily available. And Kansas is a leader in that innovation.  The pump-pump of the oil wells keep rhythm to the beat of changing seasons, the whoosh of the wind turbine blades supply additional watts and the sun-worshipping flower is witness to the prospect of solar power.   Agriculture and Energy is what we do in Kansas.

The proposed coal fired power plant in the Big First district would benefit all of Western Kansas by creating jobs that would have an immediate and positive impact on our economy. This plant would also serve as a model of innovation for the entire nation by implementing carbon sequestration technology that captures harmful emissions.

In the long term, I believe that we should be committed to exploring alternative energies that take advantage of the innovative capacity that Americans possess. The need to find alternative

We need representation in the Kansas House of Representatives that understands the bounty and the challenges of the energy resources in the western two-thirds of our state.  I would like to be that strategies provides a unique challenge, but America has never been faced with a challenge that its citizens could not overcome.


As an educator for over 40 years, I know the value of education, especially in rural areas.  Education is the great equalizer in America.  It is only through education that we can keep our economy strong and our form of government secure.  Kansas education ranks in the top 10 nationally, traditionally in the top 3 on every major standardized assessment. I understand that many of our school districts are small by necessity, rather than design. I will work to keep quality education a priority in Kansas. Education was on the forefront at the time of our nation’s founding and as Kansas became the 34th state. Our Kansas Constitution addresses education on the very first page of its original Ordinance and devotes 3 of the 8 sections to its preservation.

§ 6: Proceeds to schools. That five percentum of the proceeds of the public lands in Kansas, disposed of after the admission of the state into the union, shall be paid to the state for a fund, the income of which shall be used for the support of common schools.§ 1: School sections. Sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each township in the state, including Indian reservations and trust lands, shall be granted to the state for the exclusive use of common schools; and when either of said sections, or any part thereof, has been disposed of other lands of equal value, as nearly contiguous thereto as possible, shall be substituted therefore.

§ 7: School lands. That the five hundred thousand acres of land to which the state is entitled under the act of congress entitled “An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of public lands and grant pre-emption rights,” approved September 4th, 1841, shall be granted to the state for the support of common schools.

Education on the high plains was a priority for the pioneer families who tilled the soil and planted the Turkey Red Wheat.  It’s time for experienced, responsible education leadership in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Health Care

With health care prices consistently on the rise, we need to find common sense solutions that will provide the best possible care to our residents. Particularly important in a district with many rural citizens is access to health care.

Access to quality and affordable health care is crucial, especially in rural Kansas.  As your representative, I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure that rural health care facilities and their staff receive all of the resources that they need so Kansans get the best care possible.

Additionally, I will fight to keep the Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) from becoming law in Kansas.  The constitutionality of forcing citizens to enter into a contract to buy any product is completely unfathomable. If the Supreme Court finds it “constitutional,” then the State of Kansas must declare the law null and void.  Article IV of the U.S. Constitution, the 10th Amendment, and historical precedent give us that right.

Second Amendment Rights

We are all patriots in Western Kansas and patriots hold defiantly to the right to “keep and bear arms.”  The rights afforded through the Second Amendment are an important part of our lives and our culture. Animal rights groups and extreme environmentalists are naïve and ill-informed if they don’t understand that farmers and ranchers and sportsmen are the primal caretakers of the land and its resources.  They are ardent protectors of the environment, not for a “cause,” or a headline, but for their livelihood and way of life. I will work to protect this foundational principle.



“Family – The rights of the unborn must be protected.  As a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 9, I place a high value on the right to life.  I am pro-life and pro-family.” Carl and I have been married for over 40 years and we understand and appreciate the value of strong families.  Our four children are all married and with families of their own.  Ask a mother about the bond that is created at conception and that never ceases. The future of our state and nation relies on strong family units.”

“This is the first picture we have of our twin granddaughters, here 2 1/2 years old!” 

And at 10 months.