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We humbly ask for your financial assistance in helping Sue win this race!
You may donate up to $500 per person per election (primary/general) for a total of $1,000.


Contributions are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. All contributions are subject to the limitations of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Only personal and PAC checks are acceptable. Individuals can give $1,000 to the primary and $1,000 to the general election. A couple can give $1,000 to the primary and $1,000 to the general election for a total of $2,000. Qualified federal PACS may contribute $2,000 and non-qualified PACS may contribute $1,000. CONTRIBUTIONS MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM CORPORATIONS, LABOR ORGANIZATIONS, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS OR FROM FOREIGN NATIONALS UNLESS THEY ARE RESIDENT ALIENS. FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS REIMBURSING DONORS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS.

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