Dining with Lieutenant Governor Dr. Jeff Colyer…

Aug 21, 2014 Comments Off admin

Dining with Lieutenant Governor Dr. Jeff Colyer, State Treasurer Ron Estes, and the pilot at the classic Al's Chickenette.

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Sue Boldra and Governor Brownback

Aug 21, 2014 Comments Off admin

Sue Boldra and Governor Brownback visiting with the Bill and Jody Hoffman family as they discuss innovative, 21st century, precision farming methods. Agriculture has changed dramatically since I spend my days plowing!

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Out & Around At The Fair

Aug 19, 2014 Comments Off admin

""I enjoyed visiting with concerned, interested constituents, handing out balloons to the children, and welcoming Senator Moran to our campaign booth."

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Oct 30, 2012 Comments Off admin

Governor Sam Brownback: “Sue Boldra will be a valuable partner in helping to grow our economy, ensuring our children get a top quality education, reforming our state government, and striving to protect Kansas families. She will be a strong leader for Western Kansas.” Senator Pat Roberts: Washington D.C. - Today, Senator Pat Roberts (R-Dodge City) announced his endorsement of ...

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August 2012

Sep 5, 2012 Comments Off admin

August During the last two days of July and the first two days of August, Dr. Jim Barrett and I taught a class for the FHSU Transition to Teaching program.  We helped to prepare 32 new teachers for their first days of school beginning in the next few days.  It is a crash course in ...

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